Quotes about the artist's work.

The risks Cummings takes with color are considerable, and include the juxtaposition of colors no sensible painter would leave in the same room together, let alone place side by side on paper. 

But in his case, it works.

Theodore F. Wolff, Christian Science Monitor

Mr. Cummings makes a statement about not making a statement because his intention was to produce a "visual painting" to be interpreted - if not reviewed - by "visual means."

Vivian Raynor, New York Times

Cummings is, first of all, a master of color, and he plays with color relationships...Cummings is experimenting with visual powers of communication. Can repetitive shapes, simple indications of structure, and color speak for a range of human experiences? Yes, just as music can.

Susan Dodge Peters, City Newspaper, Rochester, NY

Mr. Cummings practices what is called systemic painting. An abstract painter, he works in a dry mode, often with unexpectedly rich results.

William Zimmer, New York Times

David Cummings work is a razzle-dazzle of cloud-like forms affixed to a pointillistic field.

James Miller, The Denver Post

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